FIXfeelings: Grades

10: in bundles of 10
2: 2
3: 3
AAgain: again and again
ABSendtmidedly: absentmidedly
ABSolutely: absolutely
ACCusingly: accusingly
ACTually: actually
AGAin: again
AGN: again
AGOny: in agony
AIMlessly: aimlessly
ALLah: in the name of Allah
ANGrily: angrily
ANNoyingly: annoyingly
ANTicipation: in anticipation
ANYway: anyway
APPreciatively: appreciatively
ASHamedly: ashamedly
ASS: in the ass
ASTonishment: in astonishment
ASWell: as well
AVIan: over avian carrier
BACk: back
BIT: back in time
BITterly: bitterly
BLAnkly: blankly
BLAtantly: blatantly
BLINdly: blindly
BLISsfully: blissfully
BOBsleigh: like a Jamaican bobsleigh team
BRIefly: briefly
BRUtally: brutally
BTW: by the way
CALmly: calmly
CARefully: carefully
CASually: casually
CLOsely: closely
CLUmsily: clumsily
COLDLy: coldly
COMPletely: completely
CONtendedly: contendedly
COOLLy: coolly
COWardly: cowardly
CRACk: before the crack wears off
CRUelly: cruelly
CYBer: cyber
DD: dig dis
DEEPly: deeply
DELiberately: deliberatly
DELightfully: delightfully
DESKtop: from a distant desktop
DESPAir: in despair
DESPErately: desperately
DIAbolically: diabolically
DIAgonally: diagonally
DISGustedly: disgustedly
DISMally: dismally
DOG: like a dog
DRAmatically: dramatically
DREAMingly: dreamingly
DRUnkedly: drunkedly
EAGerly: eagerly
ENThusiastically: enthusiastically
EROtically: erotically
EVEn: even
EVIlly: evilly
EXItedly: exitedly
EXPectantly: expectantly
FAIthfully: faithfully
FATHerly: in a fatherly manner
FATKid: like a fat kid loves cake
FEVerently: feverently
FINally: finally
FONdly: fondly
FOOlishly: foolishly
FRAntically: frantically
FRUstration: in frustration
GAYparade: like a gay parade
GENtly: gently
GENtly: gently, but firmly
GLEefully: gleefully
GOOey: and doesn't stop until the cracking ends
GOodn: good'n proper
GRACefully: gracefully
GRAVely: gravely
GREVEnstid: i grevens tid
GREek: like a greek railroad
GRIMdeath: like grim death
GRUesomely: gruesomely
GRUmpily: grumpily
HALfheartedly: half-heartedly
HAPpily: happily
HARdly: hardly
HARshly: harshly
HEADover: head over heels
HEARtly: heartily
HEAvily: heavily
HELL: for the hell of it
HELPFully: helpfully
HELPLessly: helplessly
HORRIbly: horribly
HORROr: in horror
HOUSeonfire: like a house on fire
HUMbly: humbly
HURts: where it hurts
HYSTerically: hysterically
ICily: icily
IMPatiently: impatiently
INConspicously: inconspicously
INDIFferently: indifferently
INDISgust: in disgust
INFRIendly: in a friendly manner
INNocently: innocently
INPAIn: in pain
INQuisitively: inquisitively
INRESpect: in respect
INSHAme: in shame
INSPIte: in spite
INStead: instead
IROnically: ironically
JUSTice: for great justice
Joyfully: joyfully
K: k
KINDa: kinda
KINGdom: to kingdom come
KNowingly: knowingly
LAMely: lamely
LAPtop: from a distant laptop
LAZily: lazily
LEWdly: lewdly
LIBerally: liberally
LOUdly: loudly
LOVingly: lovingly
LTNT: like there's no tomorrow
MASTurbating: while masturbating furiously
MEANTsomething: back when it meant something
MEASure: for good measure
MENacingly: menacingly
MERcilessly: mercilessly
MERrily: merrily
MESSily: messily
MKay: m'kay
MOCkingly: mockingly
MOF: matter-of-factly
MONstertruck: with monster truck force
MOURnfully: mournfully
NERvously: nervously
NEVertheless: nevertheless
NEXTweek: into next week
NICKoftime: in the nick of time
NICely: nicely
NINja: like a vaseline coated ninja
NOIsily: noisily
NOTicably: noticably
OBViously: obviously
OVEr: over and over
PASsionately: passionately
PAThetically: pathetically
PATiently: patiently
PLAyfully: playfully
POLitely: politely
POW10: in powers of 10
PROPhecy: according to the prophecy
PRObably: probably
PROperly: properly
PROudly: proudly
PUBlicly: publicly
PUZzlement: in puzzlement
QUIckly: quickly
RANdomly: randomly
RELentlessly: relentlessly
RELuctantly: reluctantly
REPeatedly: repeatedly
RESpectfully: respectfully
REStlessly: restlessly
RH: real hard
ROOftop: from a distant rooftop
RUDely: rudely
RUThlessly: ruthlessly
SADly: sadly
SAFe: from a safe distance
SAGEly: sagely
SARcastically: sarcastically
SATisfaction: in satisfaction
SECRetly: secretly
SECUrely: securely
SEVERAltimes: several times
SEVEREly: severly
SHAMEFully: shamefully
SHAMELessly: shamelessly
SHARply: sharply
SHEepishly: sheepishly
SHYly: shyly
SILently: silently
SLEEpily: sleepily
SLIGHtly: slightly
SLOwly: slowly
SOFtly: softly
SOLemnly: solemnly
SPOntaneously: spontaneously
STErnly: sternly
SUBtly: subtly
SUGGestively: suggestively
SUSPiciously: suspiciously
SWEetly: sweetly
SYMPathetically: sympathetically
TEAsingly: teasingly
TENderly: tenderly
TERRIbly: terribly
TERROr: in terror
THAnkfully: thankfully
THOUghtfully: thoughtfully
THOroughly: thoroughly
TILBakevirkende: med tilbakevirkende kraft
TIMe: at exactly the right time
TOO: too
TRANsmitted: but the feeling was not transmitted
TRUstingly: trustingly
TWIce: twice
USual: as usual
UTTerly: utterly
VAGuely: vaguely
VICiously: viciously
VIGorously: vigorously
VIOlently: violently
WADR: with all due respect
WADR0: with all due respect (i. e. none)
WARmly: warmly
WHOleheartedly: whole-heartedly
WICKedly: wickedly
WIDely: widely
WILdly: wildly
WOEfully: woefully
ZEN: in bundles of zen